First-generation Camaro convertible owners can now buy a critical restoration piece that has not been available before – full-length floor pans.

Real Deal Steel is the exclusive source for high-quality steel reproductions of ’67-’69 Camaro convertible floors in stock configurations as well as mini-tubbed to accept tire widths up to 335mm.

One floor pan that runs from the base of the firewall to the forward edge of the trunk fits all ’67-’69 Camaro convertibles.

Year-specific pieces that run from the base of the firewall to the rear taillight panel come in stock form or modified with the mini-tub kit.

All floor plans are made from original-gauge steel and include all braces, seat-belt reinforcements, sub-frame caged nuts and rear sub-rails. The floors also include spot-welded, convertible-only braces under the floor.

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